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Spring in the Winter Garden

Yes, March is here! Snow, rain, high winds and nighttime temperatures in the 20’s. This my first March living in the mountains of North Carolina, so I didn’t know what to expect, but, no surprises. It’s the same March weather I experienced in Connecticut. Spring did tease us with a few warm days but she didn’t…

At Last!

The essence of most of my posts have been about my garden. The only attribute the yard had when we purchased our home was potential for a garden. We saw beyond the mounds of pine straw, gravel, odd bricks, pieces of cement, weeds and random plants, and had a vision of what the yard could become.…

The May Garden

This morning I took an early morning stroll through my garden. Please come with me and enjoy the highlights of the garden in May. Each new gardening season brings the delight of anticipating garden gifts: A garden gift for you: xxoo