My name is Ellen.

Welcome to my blog!

“You live and learn.” My father’s favorite saying to me while I was growing up.

Delicate, arching stems of an asparagus fern found a home in a macrame hanger in my college apartment kitchen. I watered it, misted it and observed its growth. Every day I checked on its well-being. Eventually it turned yellow and died. After killing a lot of house plants I came to the conclusion that my father was right.

That was the beginning of my gardening life.

All these years later I am still gardening. I have learned a great deal and know I still have much more to learn as gardening is a journey.

A Few Things About Me:

I am a retired elementary teacher.

I have 2 beautiful grown daughters, a son-in-law and an adorable one-year-old grandson.

My husband and I live in North Carolina along with our sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Finley.

I am a homebody.

I enjoy reading, writing and Chamomile Tea . . . for quiet moments.

All the photographs in my blog are my own. “Photographs demand that stories be told around them. ” ~ Georgia Heard Writing Toward Home

I hope you will stop by and say Hello.