On October 19, 2014 I published my first post for my blog: Always the Garden. I remember sitting with printed directions on my lap following every step trying to set up my pages; it was all new learning for me, scary and difficult. I had to refer to the Lingo sheet just to get through the directions; what’s a widget, dashboard, gravatar, header, menu, page, and post? Help! Starting something new is challenging and often I thought about giving up, but I didn’t and I’m glad.

I never knew the Blogging World was out there; it is a place of wonder; you can travel around the world and learn about interesting people and their lives. There are blogs on every topic of interest; most include beautiful pictures and writing.

When I started my blog I lived in Connecticut; a lot can happen in a year; now we live in South Carolina. My favorite season in Connecticut was Fall and now I’m experiencing the same joy: cool mornings with day time temperatures in the 70’s, breezes and no humidity.

Hidden in the foliage of our Lantana bush I discovered:

a chartreuse tree frog

A chartreuse tree frog.


a gecko

A gecko; I love his eye, tinged with blue.


Our Fall pots are filled with cold hardy plants: Ivy, Petunias, Marigold and a colorful plant called Croton. I used to buy Crotons in the Fall in Connecticut to add Fall color indoors.

May you experience joy in the changing season!

Thank you for taking the time to read my words.