I’ve always loved change; starting over with a new outlook, goal or idea invites challenges and keeps life interesting. If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been silent for the last months, it’s because we’ve moved to a different state. My husband and I spent seven months getting a house ready to sell, putting it on the market, selling it after one month, finding a new house and finally last week moving in.

I loved living in Connecticut and writing and photographing the beautiful gardens I nurtured for so many years, but I longed for a new place where winters weren’t so harsh.

Now I have a garden that has potential; a new challenge!

Although I do not know all the plants and shrubs that I now have in my yard, I’m including pictures of a few friendly faces.

IMG_4952 IMG_4931 IMG_4949 IMG_4943

Can you guess where I moved?

I’ve missed you! More to come; today, the furniture finally arrives.

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