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Every year I plant a memory garden. I sow seeds that remind me of dear friends; like our friendship the seeds flourish.
The sweet flowers of Nicotiana remind me of my friend and garden mentor, Janie. Years ago she introduced me to Tobacco ‘Lime Green’; it was love at first sight. The flower color is the softest shade of green, it grows 3′ high. I sow nicotiana seeds inside and when the soil is warm I plant the seedlings in the garden. Two other nicotiana that I love are: Tobacco ‘Bella’ with pink and white flowers, it grows 5′ high and Tobacco Woodland with cascading white star flowers, it grows 4-5′ tall. Nicotiana grow in sun to partial shade; they look lovely tucked here and there in your garden.

"Lime Green' Nicotiana

Tobacco ‘Lime Green’

Tobacco 'Bella'

Tobacco ‘Bella’

Tobacco 'Woodland'

Tobacco ‘Woodland’ planted by my compost pile.

Tobacco- Nicotiana seed source: Select Seeds-antique flowers

The lovely blossoms of the Purple Hyacinth vine remind me of my dear friend, Shirley. A couple years ago she gave each of the ladies in our book club a dried pod; the pod held a gift of Purple Bean Hyacinth seeds. The seeds grew into a vine with lovely lilac and raspberry colored flowers. I grew my vine on a trellis; it can also be trained to grow on a porch railing, shrub or fence. I sow my Hyacinth seeds in the garden when the soil is warm.

Bean Purple Hyacinth  Flowering Vine

Bean Purple Hyacinth
Flowering Vine

Bean Purple Hyacinth Seed Source: The Cook’s Garden

The delicate flowers of Breadseed Poppies remind me of my BFF, Beth. Last year tucked inside one of her beautiful handmade cards was a gift of Breadseed Poppy seeds. March of last year I sprinkled the tiny seeds on top of the frozen ground in a sunny part of my garden. The tiny silvery plants grew to be 3-4′ high. The blossoms resemble a water color painting. At the end of the summer, the seed head dries and turns brown; inside are thousands of tiny black seeds. If you save the seeds in a paper bag in the refrigerator, you can sprinkle them on the frozen ground in March.

Heirloom Pepperbox Poppy

Heirloom Pepperbox Poppy


Pepperbox Poppy seed heads

Pepperbox Poppy seed heads

Heirloom Pepperbox Poppy Seed Source: Renee’s Garden

The vibrant flowers of Nasturtium remind me of my dear sister, Terrie. The first time I saw Nasturtium was in her garden; brilliant shades of orange and red blossoms spilled over her window boxes. I start my Nasturtium seeds inside and plant the seedlings in the garden when all danger of frost is past.