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Never for a moment do I doubt that everything is there, concealed, waiting for another spring.

~ Elsa Bakalar
A Garden of One’s Own

An early morning walk in the garden: a landscape of white on white. Listen to the silence of a world waking up to the dawn of day. Buddleia draped with crystals of ice, bow. Lace trimmed lilac bushes cling to promises of perfumed scents. Sepia twigs hold tight to buds waiting to unfurl. The snow covered ground embraces bulbs, anticipating spring’s warmth.

Crouch under tree boughs, let the snow caress you. Take notice of the small things; forgotten birds’ nests, faded roses, clinging vines; keepsakes of times remembered. Take joy in the gentle swirls of snow that encircle you. Drink in the peacefulness; no need to hurry, rest for awhile, breathe in the pleasure of the winter garden.

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