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When the heavenly, almond scent filled the entire kitchen, I knew my giant muffin was ready to eat. I pulled down the oven door, slid out the rack and carefully placed the mouthwatering pastry on my plate. Just as I was ready to take a bite, an email from my Jazzercise instructor appeared in my inbox. Drat! How did she know?

When I take the tree down and all the decorations, then I start watching what I’m eating. So, tomorrow the tree comes down and all the decorations. But today…

I love the possibilities a New Year brings. I look ahead anticipating the unknown with optimism. In October 2014, I leapt off into the unknown and started my blog. It was a goal I had for a long while. Blogging is a wonderful journey; you get to travel to many places making new friends along the way.

This year I want to learn more about: pruning shrubs and trees, my camera’s many features, and organic vegetable gardening; growing more, rather than paying for them. I also want to write more blog posts each week and read more books than I read in 2014.

May your New Year be filled with hopes and dreams that come true for you! xxoo

Please enjoy a slideshow I made for you of photos taken, in past years, in fall, winter, spring and summer.

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