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Katherine Tracy, owner of Avant Gardens, recently posted something on her blog that caught my attention: The Slow Flower Challenge. Katherine attended a lecture given by Debra Prinzing. Debra spoke about her book: Slow Flowers. The book explains the importance of using flowers that are available locally rather than purchasing imported flowers. Debra is challenging herself to do that for a year.  Katherine liked the idea, so she too took on the challenge and will use plant materials from her garden. Click on the link above to see the beautiful display Katherine created using plant materials from her garden, and read her entire post. 
I agree with Debra and Katherine, and decided to also take on the challenge. Our gardens are a valuable resource that we should not ignore. With clippers in hand I went into the garden, cut branches from trees and shrubs, and snipped flowers and berries. I loved the challenge and come December, I will once again be in the garden.

These are the 9 plants I used:

My flower arrangement: