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The blogging 101 assignment says to choose 3 blogs I love:

Aileen Hunt lives in Ireland. She is a published author and editor. Her writing is “nonfiction mostly: essays, memoir, prose poetry, and shorter, and more humorous pieces.” She is also exploring ‘flash fiction’: “telling a story in as few words as possible.” Her stories evolve through her own captivating photographs and her poetic words that paint a picture. Aileen’s gift is not just looking, but seeing. In her post: Front Door, she is able to take a ordinary thing, such as: a door knocker and weave a captivating story. I loved her post about bird watching entitled: A Charm of a Day which shows Aileen’s love of nature. I hope you take the time to visit Aileen at: http://aileen-hunt.com

Kay lives in the Pacific Northwest and is a published author and teacher. She loves: art, nature, hiking and photography. Kay says, “Creativity and nature are at the heart of almost everything I do.” I loved Kay’s post entitled: For A Drop of Water. Her beautiful photographs draw us in and reveal a lovely story about a boy and a lizard. One of the links on Kay’s site is called: Cat Rock Letters. Kay found letters written by her grandfather while he was courting her grandmother. Kay is doing research now about her grandparents and the time they lived in hopes of writing a book. A draft of the book is here: Cat Rock, the First Dance. If you love photography, nature and art, you won’t want to miss Kay’s blog: http://skybluedaze.wordpress.com

Ullis lives in Stockholm. She calls herself an “amateur” photographer, but she is way beyond an amateur. Her stunning photographs revel someone who has a good eye and the ability to capture precious moments in time. One can see Ullis’ great sense of humor in her photos and posts. In one post we see a beautiful flower with a caption that reads: Drama Queen. Her photos make us pause and reflect. I loved: Unladylike Breakfast and easily identified with eating cake for breakfast.  Ullis’ lovely post called: Morning Light reminded me of how I too love waking up before night unfolds into day. Visit Ullis in beautiful Stockholm at: http://ullisinstamoments.wordpress.com.