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“For a marriage to last, you have to scour it yourself every day until not a fleck of fettuccine is left behind and it gleams like a mirror beaming back your own reflection. Then put it in the dishwasher for good measure and go to bed.”

“It’s not only what I do or don’t do; without me knowing, he silently performs a million miracles himself.”

~ Karen Maezen Miller ย  ย Hand Wash Cold

In fulfilling the guidelines set for the Newbie Blogger Award, this is my first post on Gratitude.

I am grateful for my husband. Every day I am reminded of why I fell in love with him 39 years ago. He is handsome and smart. He is funny and always makes me laugh. His voice calms me and when I get ahead of myself, he brings me back to the moment and centers me. He has a kind heart and shows his love in so many ways: morning kisses and day time hugs, holding my hand when we go for walks, finding heart stones and saving them for me and making us dinners that include my favorite bottle of wine. Our two daughters adore him and he loves them unconditionally. He never puts himself first; always concerned about other people’s welfare. I am lucky because he enjoys working in the garden with me. Some days we talk constantly, other days we are silent but still we feel the closeness.