The Garden Keeps its Promise

IMG_1376A blanket of burnt orange leaves covers the gardens now. The White Oak is letting go, telling me it’s time to ready the vegetable garden for fall. Yesterday I pulled out the remains of the tomatoes, kale and IMG_2800herbs gone by. I emptied the pots of orange marigolds, adding them to the compost pile, along with the zinnias, the ones that filled our home with vibrant blooms all summer. The urn that held the yellow Black-Eyed Susan vine now stands empty. I didn’t want to do it, prolonging it as long as I could. I wasn’t ready to let go of the kaleidoscope of colors that fed my soul for the last few months. But, the garden keeps its promise: it will always be there. And I will be ready.

To see more of the Fall garden, click here.

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